The U.S. National Swimming Team's Certified Solution For Back & Lumbar Pain Is Actually Bee Venom?

By MD. James SEP 13, 2023
in Johns Hopkins Medical School

A dangerous encounter by Phelps introduced bee venom as an effective solution for the U.S. National Swim Team's chronic back & lumbar pain and joint injuries. It eased the swimmers' joint pain, improved their body condition, and helped the team dominate the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, winning 11 gold medals!

Can poison cure disease? Scroll down and you'll know the answer.

How Does Back & Lumbar Pain Occur?

The lumbar and back share a common sensory nerve—the sciatic nerve, which is the longest and largest nerve in the body. It extends from the back down to the legs, connecting the nerves of the legs and feet.

When joints are inflamed or under long-term stress, it may cause intervertebral joint deformities, compressing the sciatic nerve and leading to persistent nerve pain. This pain, centered in the lower back, can spread to the legs. If untreated, the inflammation may spread, potentially damaging the nerve further and risking paralysis in the lower body!

At this time, it's important to alleviate the unbearable pain, address the joint inflammation, and restore the damaged joint cartilage!

Tackling The Great Discovery Of Joint Injury - Bee Venom

In Dr. John's initial research on bee venom, he found that its use was documented as early as the Renaissance and gradually developed bee sting therapy, which became popular in Europe. Bee venom contains a variety of active compounds such as peptides, enzymes and amino acids, which are extremely useful for joint and nerve healing in the human body:

Neurotropic, strong analgesic effect - It inhibits excitatory signals in the central nervous system, providing quick pain relief without the severe side effects of drugs.
Inhibits leukocyte metastasis, anti-inflammatory effects - By causing a hemolytic reaction, it prevents the action of white blood cells and causes a natural anti-inflammatory response.
Thromboxane reduction - It promotes the growth of joint tissues by improving microcirculation, thus relieving all types of symptoms in the joint bones.

Why is such a useful bee venom not widely used around the world? The answer is - as a biological toxin, it has deadly toxic side effects!

Bee venom can benefit joints and nerves, but it may also cause toxic reactions, such as skin swelling, sting pain, headaches, and muscle aches. In extreme cases, it can impact systems from the brain to the stomach.

After numerous tests, John discovered that the unique Omega-3 Fatty Acids from deep-sea fish can break specific chemical bonds in bee venom peptides, reducing its toxicity. This allows for the benefits of the venom while eliminating its harm to the human body.

The Ultimate Solution To Sciatica & Joint Pain - OhBeeEase

Using recent research, Dr. John created OhBeeEase to combat back & lumbar pain. A swimmer's thermal scan demonstrates the product's efficacy, revealing notable improvement in the whole back and leg joints after use. 

Natural neural pain relief, steering clear of potentially addictive chemicals.

Eradicate joint inflammation, rescuing the compressed sciatic nerve.

Stimulate cartilage regeneration, aiding in normal joint growth.

Boost blood circulation, alleviating muscle pain, and quickly enhancing back health.

These are what OhBeeEase can bring to you!

Trusted Results From Johns Hopkins University Testing Over 1,000,000 People

This is a set of pain level data from the Johns Hopkins Orthopedic Laboratory, which tested three pain relief products for joint pain relief. Lower values mean less pain. You can see that OhBeeEase has the best pain relief and sustained results.

Johns Hopkins has successfully proven that OhBeeEase can quickly and effectively help you get rid of unbearable pain!

Let's see what the U.S. National Swimmers Have To Say

Caeleb Dressel - "Everyone hopes to give their best performance at the Olympics. As athletes, many of us suffer from joint and muscle injuries that affect our swimming. This bee venom spray truly alleviated much of our pain. I'm confident that it played a part in helping me secure a gold medal!"
Katie Ledecky - "Extended and intense training took a toll on my lumbar spine and leg joints. Persistent inflammation also put pressure on my sciatic nerve; it was a mess. Everyone knows injuries and physical ailments can significantly shorten an athlete's career. This spray was truly a lifesaver for us. It drastically alleviated my joint injuries and pain. I'm genuinely grateful to Phelps!"
Chase Kalisz - "Some might not know this, but Phelps helped me a ton when I was younger. He assisted in transforming me from a paralyzed child into an Olympic gold medalist. Now, with his second round of help, my severe joint wear and tear have eased, and my sciatic nerve has been relieved. After using this bee venom spray for a long time, my joint pain has genuinely diminished a lot... Anyway, I truly owe this medal to Phelps and Dr. John!"

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