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Dump the chronic poison treatments, cannabis, surgery, braces... Back and lumbar pain goes hand in hand with joint inflammation & nerve compression. If not handled properly, it can make the pain worse.

This is an upgraded version of bee venom therapy! The highly active bee venom in the spray slowly enters the body through the skin, offering three times the precision of oral administration and ensuring full treatment efficacy.

Quick & Root-cause Solution

Targeted Pain Fast Relief

The active ingredient in bee venom specifically targets the sciatic nerve at your lumbar spine, blocking the transmission of pain nerves. It can harmlessly and rapidly suppress pain in the targeted area within 3 minutes.

Root-cause Long-term Repair

With long-term use, OhBeeEase's active ingredients restore normal growth and self-repair in the lumbar spine's cartilage. It also can dissolve inflammation, and stimulate bone regeneration. This fundamentally fixes joint inflammation and bone damage, relieves the compressed sciatic nerve, and eliminates the root cause of lumbar pain.

OhBeeease Offers Following Benefits

Escaping Risks Of Drug Dependence -  The all-natural and organic bee venom helps you get rid of pain without any addictive ingredients, helping you avoid the risk of drug dependence.
Saving Money On Surgery - Address the pain at its source, stop the problem from developing into more serious. Preventing joint necrosis and reducing the need for surgery

Suitable For All Joints - Though designed for back and lumbar issues, its anti-inflammatory and neuroanalgesic properties also relieve other joint pains, including knee & finger problems caused by rheumatoid arthritis, and ease neck problems like shoulder periarthritis.

Highly Active Bee Venom  Achieves

Multi-peptide Toxins

Apamin -  Bee venom, abundant in Apamin, which matches receptors in the lumbar nerves, specifically targeting pain. Through its neuroprotective effects, it can quickly blocks neurotransmitters at the damaged site to alleviate pain.

Melittin - This peptide is famous for its strong anti-inflammatory & nerve pain-relieving abilities, acting like NSAIDs, helping cartilage cells and bone tissue to repair. But being natural, it's non-irritating and supports natural healing.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

A special substance extracted from deep-sea fish reduces the toxicity of bee venom and ensures the elimination of its side effects. With its help, there is no need to worry about any adverse physiological reactions to bee venom when using OhBeeEase.

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Wipe the lumbar surfaces clean with warm water first.

Continuously press the spray button about 3-4 inches from the joint.

Combine with massage for better absorption.
Use three times a day for best results.(One bottle is enough for at least 32 sprays)

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Real Customers, Real Relief 

I have been using Bee Venom Therapy Spray for the past 7 weeks and I can confidently say that it has completely cured my lumbar sciatica. I can go camping with friends now. It has increased my flexibility and allowed me to pick up heavy objects without pain, which has been a lifesaver. It has saved me money and time that I would have otherwise spent in pain.

Redd, 59(US)

Overall, your product is the best I have ever bought! I am a veteran with knee, back and lower back joint injuries. It has really made an immediate difference. I've gone from barely being able to stand up straight to now being able to lift items of a certain weight. I have tried a few medications but I am diabetic so most of them are dangerous for me. I'm hoping your spray will help me get rid of the pain forever! Thx!

Harri, 67(US)

Been dealing with sciatica L4-L5 herniated disc. I tried this spray and it really helps me to atleast ease the pain, I carry it with me even when I go out. Now I can even work out at the gym!

Allison Smith, 42(UK)

This pain relief spray are awesome. I just want to say that before it, doctors told me that I would have to have a joint replacement surgery, and I kept putting off having the operation, which was scary and expensive. Now everything has changed and it's been a great remedy for my lumbar spine problems.

Julie, 51(US)

This is my family took of me playing golf. What I want to say is that, after using this spray for two month, I've been able to engage in some sports activities, and my back and waist don't hurt as much anymore. Even on the occasional day when I forget to use it, I don't feel much pain. I believe my injury is really improving.

Leon, 58(GER)

I have been experiencing stiffness and pain in my shoulder and neck joints. After using OhBeeEase consistently for a while, my shoulder and neck have become more flexible in their movements and I don't feel any pain anymore, and I am really thankful for it! It helped me stop the problem from progressing to a more serious direction in time!

Kevin, 39(US)

Standing all day at work really put a ton of stress on my toes and knees. I ended up with knee synovitis and my toes weren't in great shape either, which left both of my legs constantly swollen. Before deciding to go for surgery, my doctor suggested trying OhBeeEase. why not give it a shot? I kept using it for about a month. It quickly relieved the pain and even got rid of the inflammation. Now, my legs are back to normal. I saved so much money thanks to this! I'm super grateful!

Jorge, 67(US)

I initially underestimated the severity of my bunion, but as time passed, my foot became increasingly painful, and the joint deformed. Other treatments are all useless to me. Thankfully, a friend recommended OhBeeEase™ Joint Spray, and within weeks of use, I could already feel a significant improvement. My feet felt warmer, the swelling began to diminish. After four weeks, the inflammation and joint pain subsided, my bones were healthier, and the deformed joint showed remarkable signs of recovery

Madison, 49(US)

Recommended by my dad, I'm only 43 but I have lumbar spine problems, it's affecting my normal life, not to mention working out, my dad recommended it to me after he used ohbeeease and I have to say, this is really helpful and I'm able to come to the gym now! I want to get a bit fitter! Really thx!

John, 43(US)

As a programmer, I work in front of a computer for more than 8 hours a day, and the stress and pain in my neck and shoulders is almost unbearable. But since I started using OhBeeEase, the pain has been significantly reduced. Now I can sit in front of the computer more easily and focus on my work, I really appreciate this product.

Hayley, 36(US)

Rheumatoid arthritis has caused severe pain and instability in my knee joints. I must say that I am extremely pleased with the relief that OhBeeEase has provided. After about two weeks of use, my knee problems have steadily improved and the edema in my legs has subsided. Continued use of this spray has provided excellent relief from my knee problems and I am very grateful for its effectiveness in reducing my pain.

Sheila, 48(US)

I broke my finger in an accident when I was a child and since then the swelling in my whole hand including the knuckles has never gone down and it still hurts in the spring and winter, it hasn't progressed to anything more serious but who doesn't want any part of their hand to be healthy? I have tried many products, but only OhBeeEase surprised me the most, because I saw the swelling disappeared, and there is no strange feeling when I use my hand.

Taylor, 57(UK)

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